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Crater of Diamonds State Park

Crater of Diamonds State Park is the 8th largest public diamond mine in the US! You can dig and look for diamonds in the 37 acre plowed field. You can find diamonds, quartz, calcite, amethyst, garnets, jasper and more! You can keep whatever you find and can bring home a five gallon of sifted gravel home a day.

How to look for diamonds

Wet Sifting Tips/ How to

 -you go dig and get gravel/ dirt from anywhere you pick in the field and bring it to one of the two wash stations they have available. 

- There youll sift through all the dirt with side to side motions, till your left with more gravel, quartz, calcite, garnets, and hopefully diamonds.

- WATCH THE VIDEOS ON HOW TO WET SIFT! It will help you so much and can increase your chances of finding diamonds. IF you stay at Murfreesboro RV park they will teach how to sift through it! But you can find videos on youtube or the State park website

- The wash stations get very busy so just make sure your not working on top of other peoples stuff!


Dry Sifting

When the ground is dry you can sift through the dirt out in the field without water! You couldnt do this because it rained quite a lot when we were there and the dirt was to muddy and clumpy. 


Its $15 a day/ person and $7 for kids ages 6-12.

They have equimpent to rent such as wagons, sifters, shovels and buckets! Keep an eye on your stuff though because people have been known to take stuff thats not theirs. 

NOTE: If you stay at Murfreesboro RV Park for two nights or more they will loan you that stuff for free! 

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