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Our Favorite Recipes

I wanted to share some recipes we love to make often as it can be so hard finding easy, same pot or few dishes recipes. These are easy and delicous and hope they give you some inspiration!


This lasagna is delicous and I make it often! The alfredo sauce is so good I even use it for other pasta recipes. The directions are easy to follow and there are many variations you can do with this lasgana. I like to add peppers, onions and broccoli but you can add whatever you want! I will say this uses alot of dishes so I try to make this when we are at full hookup spots!

Creamy pasta pot pie is so good and so easy to make! It takes less than 40 minutes and you only need a few ingredients to make this! Its great for a chilly fall or winter night!

This recipe is delcious and easy to make!  The flavor combinations are great and you can also add some type of protein like chicken, steak, or sausage! It only takes 25 minutes to make which is great when you are busy or dont want to spend alot of time in the kitchen!

Links to baking products we recommend on Amazon!

This mini waffle maker is so awesome and does great! I use it for 2-3 hours at a time it keeps the same heat the whole time! Its non stick and is such a great a product! Its great for our trailer because its small and hardly takes up any space but we can still have delcious waffles!

These mini tart pans are non stick and the bottoms come out making it really easy to get the tarts out! I recommend these for all your tart needs!

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