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Canyonlands National Park

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Canyonlands National Park is an amazing park that has dramatic desert landscape carved by the Colorado River. The Park has three sections that include, Island in the Sky which is a huge, flat-topped mesa with panoramic overlooks and is the most accessible. There is the Needles and the remote canyons of the Maze which are both harder to get to either by backpacking, floating the rivers, or going off road. We went to Island in the Sky and I must say it was breathtaking and amazing to see.

Mesa Arch

  • We started off the day at Mesa Arch to watch the sunrise. The parking lot was packed and the sun still had about 30 minutes still to rise. There were a ton of people there already set up at the arch ready to take pictures of the golden glow under the arch when the sun rose.

  • The arch is on the edge of the cliff and the vast canyons below are amazing to see!

  • We hung out for a little bit and headed back to the trailhead and drove to the Grand View Point and hiked the White Rim Overlook

White Rim Overlook

  • This hike is a 1.8 mile round trip easy to moderate hike. Has beautiful views of the canyons below and you can see for miles and miles.

  • Its mostly down hill on the way there but its not to steep of a hike on the way back. We got there in the morning around 8 and it was nice and cool out. It doesnt have alot of shade so if hike in the afternoon it can get hot so bring water and snacks!

  • Also the White Rim Overlooks the road down below called White Rim trail which is 100 mile backcountry drive or bike. It takes around 3 days to complete and you need a permit for it and its rated moderatly difficult for four wheel drive, high clearance vehicles.

Green River Overlook

  • This overlooks the canyon below that was chisled by the green river. Its pretty cool to see and worth the stop! We saw two coyotes on our drive there and on the way to Upheavel Dome.

Upheavel Dome

  • This hike to the first overlook is 0.3 miles while you ascend 150 feet and there are stone steps to help you while you hike it.

  • They say this was formed either from a meteorite impact or a salt dome. Theres still a level of uncertainity of what caused this structure to form.

  • You can can continue on to the second overlook for a round trip hike of 1.7 miles. We didnt have time to do this but its worth a visit.

We then went to the vistor center got a shirt and a sticker and headed back to the trailer!

This park is amazing to visit, and has many different sights to see, try to stop if you have the time!

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