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Tips On Saving Money At Campgrounds!

Updated: Mar 25

Camgrounds can get pricey and depending on where and how long you stay you can get discounts. There are several programs out there that can help you save money and make it cheaper while full time traveling! 

Many campgrounds also have weekly and monthly rates that can help save money as well! Just ask to find out what you can save! We stayed a month at a campground for only $500 which is a great deal! It pays to stay a little longer and you can experience the area more as well!

Passport America

Passport America is a great program to be a part of because you can get 50% off the weekly night rate at over 1,000 campgrounds all across the US! Most of the time you have to call the campground to confirm the rate and tell them that you have a passport america membership! Ive found that most of these campgrounds have limitations on the discount, like you only get the discount for 2-3 nights, or only during the weekday. They also have dates where the rate isnt avalible such as holidays and events that are near the campground so just watch out for that and dont be afraid to ask the camground what discount you can get! Its only $44 for a year and the more years you get on your membership the cheaper it becomes. Typically it pays for it self with a stay at just 1-2 stays. Overall its been a great way for us to save money while traveling!

RV Overnights

RV Overnight is a newer program and is very similar to Harvest Hosts where you pay a yearly memberships and can stay the night at properties like farms, vineyards, attractions and more! It cost $29.99 for the year and you can sign up here through my link at ( What we like about this program is that there is an option to stay more than one night which is perfect for us! Because they are a newer business they dont have as many places to stay yet, but they are growing everyday! They also have locations of 2,300 dump stations, and over 1,900 propane refill stations. It was also built by small business owners and rvers! We are just getting started with this memebership but so far love it!

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is basically a ONE night stay at peoples propertys such as vineyards, breweries, ranchs, golf courses and more! Just know that this program is a ONE night stay only which is great if you have a longer travel weekend and you need an overnight stop. Its a yearly membership ($180/year) and there are over 5,000 propertys to choose from all over the USA! In becoming a member and exchange for staying at these places for no camping fees, they request that you spend around $30 or more at the hosts location to show your gratitude for getting to spend the night. Which most campgrounds are that much if not more a night. Its great though because you are supporting the local community and local and small shops! We are not a part of this memebership as of now only because we usally need more than a one night stay. In the future though we will consider it!

Thousand Trails

Thousand Trails is another campground membership! We dont have this membership yet but it looks great! There are five regions to chose from for $525/year. You can also add aditional regions for $110/year. There is a trails collection that I believe is all the regions and you can stay at each resort for only $20 a night! You can set up a monthly payment plan to! We might get this later this summer when we start traveling to the east coast more!


Boondocking is a great way to save money! It is completly free but there are no hookups so you have to be totally self sufficent including bringing your own water, having a electric either with a generator or solar panels, taking your trash out. Boondocking spots are first come first serve so you may or may not get a spot. Always scout ahead, google map it and read reviews! Some places may not fit your rig! There are several websites you can find boondocking spots on including ioverlander, Hipcamp, the Dyrt, Campendium, Rv Parky and national forest websites.


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