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White Sands National Park

White Sands National Park is a beautiful park thats about 20 minutes from Alamogordo. The vast sand dunes are truly a spectale to see. Ive never seen anything quite like it! There are several hikes from easy to strenuous to choose from but the absoultey best thing to do is go sledding down the dunes!

Dune Life Nature Trail

We started off our morning hiking this trail.

  • Its pretty easy hike that will take 30 min to 1 hour to complete with a few hills to climb and there are some signs along the way talking about the wildlife around. They are kinda sun faded and some are hard to see but its still good information.

  • Follow the blue trail markers with a club symbol to find the trail. Its a easy/ moderate one mile loop through dune

  • Its a good trail to get you immersed in the dunes.

Interdune Nature Boardwalk

  • This trail is easy trail on a boardwalk that brings you up to views off the dune landscape

  • There are informative signs about the nature and wildlife surrounding the dunes

Go Sledding at Roadrunner Picnic Area

  • This picnic area is great to go sledding at! Its a massive parking area that Im sure gets really busy.

  • We parked at one of the picnic tables and hiked up to one of the dunes and did a bunch of sledding! You definitely get a good workout in hiking up the dunes after sledding each time!

  • Highly recommend sledding its really fun!

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