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Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park is a hidden gem in the southwest part of Texas. Its a mix of desert, mountains, and river. Its so beautiful and has a ton of variety its almost like your in an entirely new place! We spent two days here and we had a great time!

Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive

  • This drive is breathtaking and takes you through the geological wonders of Big Bend! There are several scenic overlooks that are worth stopping for the views. The Sotol Vista and Mule Ears Overlook are just a few of the overlooks that you should stop at!

  • This drive will lead you to the Santa Elena Canyon

Santa Elena Canyon

  • This amazing canyon has limestone cliffs that rises 1500 feet, split by the Rio Grande river and is the natural border for Mexico and the United States

  • Its beautiful and there is a trail that goes along the United States side of the cliffs and river 

  • The Santa Elena Canyon trail is a moderate 1.7 mile hike. The trail starts out flat and you brings to the river and close up view of the cliffs. From there the trail goes across the Terilunga Creek and goes up the hill and along side the river. Highly recommend this hike its worth it!

Dorgan-Sublett Trail

  • This is an easy to moderate 1 mile out and back trail that is unique as it takes you through the old remenats of early 1900's homesteads. The history behind them is pretty fascianting as the whole valley used to be farm land. Stop if you have time! 

Lost Mine Trail

Lost Mine Trail is a moderate 4.8 mile hike in the Chisos Basin part of Big Bend! You'll gain 1,100 ft in elevation gain over 2.4 miles to the top! It took us about 3 hours from start to finish!​ This is an awesome trail if you have time to hike it! More info about the hike in our Big Bend blog post!

Garner State Park

Garner State park is a smaller but popular state park located in Texas Hill country! There are several hiking trails, camping and river activites such as fishing, floating, paddle boating and more! The Frio River goes right through park and is so breathtaking! The trees there are amazing and its a great park to visit! We just went and walked by the river and went to the gift shop as we didnt bring our hiking shoes! The drive to the state park is really pretty to! This is a great state park to visit and its only about 1 hour 45 min from San Antonio. We didn't camp here but the sites looked nice! 

Lake Corpus Christi State Park

Lake Corpus Christi State Park is a great small state park to visit if your in the area! We stayed for two weeks and its pretty quite there! Its great for bird watching, fishing, camping, boating and more! Theres a campground loop that has full hookups and multiple that have electric and water hookups! There are a ton of spots to choose from! There are some nice nature trails to walk and the castle there is full of history! There used to be many buildings that the workers of the CCC used when clearing up the failed dam that was built in 1929. It was later rebuilt in 1935 which then caused the lake levels to rise and put all the buildings under water besides the Castle. Its quite fascinating! 

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